Who are we?


Opera is not just a browser

Moltopera, a name born from the fusion of the Italian words "molto" and "opera," meaning "very opera," was established in 2011 by a group of recent graduates from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

Our goal is to captivate new audiences for classical concerts, showing that opera can be a viable alternative to movie theaters and Playstations even in the 21st century.

We assist the most promising emerging talents in finding their path to the public, providing support, mentorship, opportunities, and promotional materials. As an 'incubator,' we aid these fledgling musicians during their most vulnerable stages of development.

Introducing new talents to fresh audiences in an accessible manner - this is the essence of Moltopera.


Our singers

Who do young people listen to the most? Their peers. That's why, in all of our productions, we work with artists who are close in age to our target audience. Our message becomes more relatable when conveyed by performers who could be their older siblings.

We also now that young people can be the harshest critics so we can not take our singers' tender age as an excuse. At Moltopera we believe that there is no difference between singing in the most prestigious concert venues or in a small remote town's school - the artistic standards must be the same. Maybe we even have to focus better when we are in the second situation. Our visit could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people to connect with classical music and experience it up close...



We offer both 'educational' and 'artistic' performances. Our school and introductory programs serve as the first level, where newcomers to opera can familiarize themselves and get attuned to the genre before attending our artistic performances.

We understand that our audience's attention span can be shorter than that of a typical opera-goer, so we often perform shorter pieces or shortened versions of longer operas with commentaries. Additionally, we can work with a single piano accompaniment instead of a full orchestra, making our performances more accessible to everyone.



We have a passion for unique venues, and they seem to love us too! While we've performed in prestigious opera theaters and grand concert halls, we've also relished the excitement of unconventional youth-centric venues like ruin pubs or one of Europe's largest pop-rock festivals, Sziget.

We firmly believe in taking the first step towards our audience. We can't wait for people unfamiliar with our genre to attend our concerts! Instead, we must actively seek opportunities to engage with them and raise awareness of their classical cultural heritage.


Our mission

We enjoy Xbox just as much as anyone else! However, Mozart, Haydn, and Mascagni also play significant roles in our lives. We understand the challenge of finding the motivation to leave the comfort of the couch and, instead of playing a video game, attend a performance that demands preparation, focused intellectual attention, and deep thinking.

But we try really hard to give you an opportunity and a reason to do so.

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