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Our school programs are modularly designed, allowing us to customize them to suit any situation or request. We can perform at any duration, ranging from 20 minutes (often at festivals and events) to 4 hours (on special theme days).

Ideally, we prefer to deliver our programs in two roughly 90-minute events.


'Once you experience Moltopera's performance, I can assure you that you'll be eager to see them again, and who knows, you might even consider attending an opera house!'

(from a school newspaper)


The first event is László Ágoston's engaging and humorous presentation that challenges the common stereotypes associated with opera. This thought-provoking introduction aims to open young people's minds, hearts, and ears to the genre.

Following the presentation, students can immerse themselves in an interactive concert where they have the chance to get up close and personal with opera. With the guidance of professional musicians, they can even try directing scenes and learn to recognize hidden signs in music. They also gain insight into the importance of understanding the context of a situation before forming an opinion.

We firmly believe that our programs have a much broader impact than simply introducing classical music or cultivating future concert-goers.

We instill critical thinking skills, encourage questioning of stereotypes, and teach the freedom to form opinions based on facts and truths.


'The first part was undoubtedly fascinating, but the second part was an absolute triumph'

Zsuzsa Makk
Theatre critic


Technical requirements

I. Performance (interactive presentation - one performer)

  • Projector (both HDMI and VGA inputs can work)
  • Sound system with amplification (with 3.5mm jack input for laptop)

II. Performance (concert in the school - 3 performers)

  • Projector (both HDMI and VGA inputs can work)
  • Sound system with amplification (with 3.5mm jack input for laptop)
  • Piano or a high-quality keyboard
  • Stage / sufficient space for the actors  (approx 3x4m)

The second performance can also take place in a concert hall with slightly different programme. In this case:

II. Performance (concert in a concert hall - 3-5 performers)

  • Tuned piano
  • Basic stage lighting
  • Acting area of approx. 4x6m
  • (depending on the acoustics) One microphone for the speaker (preferably wireless) and one for the audience members invited on stage
  • Singers need no amplification
  • A projector is not mandatory, but it can be utilized in certain venues.

'It was impossible not to view opera as a contemporary and multifaceted world of wonder. At Moltopera's concert, every audience member was granted access to this enthralling genre, which may seem daunting from the outside but holds incredible depth and excitement within!'

Nora Kazsimer


For students between 9-12

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